The Hazchem Network

Since 2005, Hacklings and the Hazchem Network have offered safe, flexible, next-day UK delivery for palletised ADR materials. The Hazchem Network was formed in response to chemical manufacturers’ requirements for technically robust delivery of ADR products, and to ensure regulatory compliance in terms of safety, security and environmental awareness.

Whatever the Hazchem delivery, our customers enjoy extra reassurance from our participation in the recently introduced Hazchem Emergency Response Service (HERS). This is a voluntary marking and support scheme, designed to assist emergency response at incidents involving the transport of packaged dangerous goods by road. It complements the existing European ADR Regulations, GB Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations and Dangerous Goods signage.

Hacklings palletised Hazchem deliveries integrate with the Hazchem Network’s real-time IT tracking system and purpose-designed hub in Rugby. The hub is managed by professional transport chemists with specialist experience in the carriage of dangerous goods. For customers’ peace of mind, and to meet the increasingly rigorous requirements for hazardous material transport, Hacklings have also invested in specialised ADR training for its personnel.

For further peace of mind we also operate a bespoke UN Number database, Tremcard Software and Chemdata (developed with the National Chemical Emergency Centre at Culham and Deltion Software) to provide instant chemical data for all Hazchem Network pallets.

We regularly carry the following Hazchem classes:

  • Class 2 compressed gases (cylinders, Dewars and aerosols)
  • Class 3 flammable liquids
  • Class 4 flammable solids
  • Class 6.1 toxic products
  • Class 8 corrosive products
  • Class 9 miscellaneous
  • Class 5.1 oxidizing agents

The Hazchem Network