Young drivers scheme

We are currently operating an innovative training programme which is attracting young drivers to the company’s fleet; inspiring a new generation of LGV drivers through the Driving Goods Vehicles Scheme and Warehouse to Wheels Scheme.

Since introducing the schemes in 2014 it has presented us with an opportunity to develop a new generation of drivers.

So far, the scheme has attracted 30 entrants and only 4 have left – a retention rate of around 85%. The scheme is not age restricted and applications from some older drivers have also been received.

We had already welcomed the Driver CPC as an opportunity to invest in the professionalism of our drivers but we felt that the drivers’ age profile had been neglected and the company needed to find a way to attract and retain young drivers.

We therefore decided to ‘tap in’ to the local market to within a radius of approximately 10-12 miles of Bourton-on-the-Water for potential drivers.

25+ candidates have successfully completed their apprenticeships with us, with the latest candidates now taking advantage of the opportunity to sign on to the Delivery Goods Vehicles Apprenticeship Scheme.

The apprentices are now working towards completing all of the modules required to successfully complete their apprenticeships within the 1 year and 1 day requirement. This will ultimately result in them obtaining their DGV apprenticeship qualification and the ability to drive up to a 44 tonne vehicle.

Ultimately, long term, the apprentices will have the opportunity to go on to obtain their Class 1 licence; the ability to drive an arctic vehicle.

The schemes are supported by services provided by a training company in Banbury and a local college.

Since its introduction, Hacklings has reduced its use of agency drivers by approximately 80% and with our ongoing programme of driver development, we are helping our drivers “get the most out of their truck”.

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  1. Thomas Jenkins

    I'm interested in the above sceme , can someone please contact me on 07917 831689 Thanks

  2. Connor

    Good evening, I've been recommended by a friend who also did your apprenticeship and would like some more information and how to apply

  3. Matt Thomas

    Hello I'm interested in this scheme as it's amazing opportunity as I find this out from a driver from your company please could you send me more information many thanks matt . Contact details 07884305356

  4. Rob Harris

    Good afternoon As the proud holder of an HGV1 since 1974, I've been looking for a contact name on your website, with no success! I would love you to take part in the Gloucestershire Business Games, part of the Gloucestershire Business Show at Cheltenham in May. Why? it's a pedal car race - the ideal vehicle to assist in staff development, training and inter-departmental relations. As you may be aware, the Gloucestershire Business Show is now a thriving annual event and will have its third show in May; but this year we are offering a new opportunity for your staff to get involved in the Business Games. If you think this might be a fun team building activity you would like to join - Hacklings participating with a branded car - and at the same time raise funds for charity, please get in touch and I'll email you our flyer. The opportunity is for teams to design and build their own car, to race it in a 3-hour endurance race and in a time trial. For another company I visited last week in Cheltenham, they see it as a unique scenario for staff members who do not normally work together (eg technical and marketing) to have a joint enterprise in problem-solving, design and construction which culminates in competitive, sporting exercise and a great deal of fun together. We have borrowed our car spec from BFPCR so that your team can race elsewhere in their Championship races, if they catch the bug... I look forward to hearing from you and have a car which I could bring to your yard to whet your appetite. Kind regards Rob Harris Race Director 07939 042361

  5. thomas evans

    hi i have applied to this scheme and was just wondering if anyone knows if they are still hiring for the driving scheme? would love to get in and started in this and start my career thanks.

  6. Craig Wyatt

    I have recently passed my class 2 lorry license and I am looking to take on new challenges. I’m looking for somewhere that’s going to challenge me to my full potential. I am very eager to enhance my skills to allow me to have the opportunity to have a great career. I consider myself as a hard working individual, and I’m very committed to what I do. I learn quickly and would appreciate the chance to be given the opportunity to work for your company. I am sure that I can be a great asset and prove to be a valuable member of your team.

  7. Theresa Williams

    Hi I'm 50 years old lady looking for a new career now kids grown up and left home . Clean driving licence and live in chipping norton .

  8. Wojciech Koscisz

    Hi. Im interested in this scheme. I want to start my new career as a LGV driver. Pls contact me if offer still avaliable. Regards Wojciech

  9. Wojciech Koscisz

    My contact details 07732535635.

  10. Lukasz Skimina

    Dear Sir/Madam I am applying for the position of HGV driver, as I believe I fit the person you described as a perfect candidate. I have been driving on UK's roads everyday since January 2016, and just recently I have started job as a professional driver. I am highly motivated and passed my all class 2 tests at the first attempt. I believe that my lack of professional driving experience is balanced with my hard working attitude and constantly strive to deliver the best quality of service to my employers or when self-employed to my clients. Yours faithfully Lukasz Skimina

  11. Chris

    I'm interested in the above scheme please may I be contacted on 07545161036 Thanks

  12. Ashley mitchell

    Hi I am looking to gain my class two and ultimately hgv licence could you please contact me regarding the scheme 07514718323 Ashley Mitchell

  13. Nicola Byford

    Interested in gaining experience- recently passed rigid - and got cpc - just need taco - how do I get some more information please ?

  14. Josh Clements

    I applied for the scheme back in February. I had spoken to mark Salf on becoming a part of the apprenticeship driver team and he hasn’t contacted me back. I am still very interested in becoming a part of the team

  15. John Perry

    Hello my name is John Perry ,I am 37 years old I am really interested in your apprenticeship scheme , I was wondering if you could tell me how I go about apply , my phone number is 01451 860652 , Many thanks

  16. Scott Scanlon

    Dear Sir/Madam, I am interested in becoming an HGV driver for Hacklings. I have passed my theory, just need to pass the practical. I am interested in the scheme you have on offer. Please could someone get in touch with me to discuss further. Kindest regards Scott.

  17. Martin pritchard

    Hi, I'm interested in some information in the driver scheme. I currently hold a PSV licence but I'm looking to get my class c licence

  18. Glenn lewsey

    Dear sir madam I’d like to apply for the young drivers I work as a driver for a local car parts delivery company in Carterton but I wanna move up to driving a 7.5t I’m hard working and reliable i live in Carterton in shilton park If you could send more detail on the job ie start times full job role and paid Hope to hear from you soon Glenn

  19. Callum Hoare

    Hi, I'm very interested in the drivers scheme you are offering, I would like some more information about this if it's possible. If you could please contact me with some more information. Email - Phone number - 07908592153 Many thanks Callum

  20. Nathaniel Hobbs

    I was told about this by a friend who is a employee of yours and I am very interested in this chance. Could you please contact me via email at : or via phone at: 07592624219 Many thanks

  21. Rafal Szczepaniak

    Hi. I am very interested in your programme. Can I ask for some more information how to apply and become a member of your team. Regards.

  22. martin bedding

    hi good to read the success story we are considering setting up something similar for our business and would appreciate any info or contacts on the support you have had thus far. please feel free to contact me 01926468009

  23. Alex sawyer

    Hiya, Im looking to do an apprenticeship in September 2019 and was looking to see if this is something you do or have thought about doing. I am looking to become a class 1 day driver tramper and by September 2019 I will be 17 with a full car license looking to start hgv lessons at 18. I hope you will be able to help and I will look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks. Alex sawyer.

  24. dmitriy Zushchuk

    Dear sir, madam, My name is Dmitriy, and I'm interested in the above scheme , can someone please contact me on 07586655369 Many Thanks Kind Regards

  25. Llewellyn Jones

    Hey, I am currently looking for work experience for my college. My dream job is to be a truck driver and my first idea was to ask you if you are able to allow me take trips with some of your truck drivers for a week from Monday - Friday. My number is 07548-126928. I live in Swindon and currently attending my first year at Swindon College in a Level 3 automotive course. Thanks for your time! Kind Regards Llewellyn Jones

  26. Gustavo Andre Chofard

    Hi, I am passionate about the possibility to drive a LGV since I was a kid. I think now can be the right time, so I saw this opportunity as an answer for my dreans. I would love to have some more information from you. Thank you so much

  27. Jamie Insch

    I have been wanting to drive lorry since I was little and really with to be on the road am 20 and had a year lorry experience on pd ports yards

  28. Richard Hewitt

    Hi, My name is Richard Hewitt. I am looking for a change in career and would be very interested in working for Hacklings Transport. I have recently completed my HGV C and C+E driver training and CPC and I have a Digi Taco but as of yet I have no experience. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Richard Hewitt

  29. william quiney

    Hi ive been looking for a apprenticeship for a while now please contact me on 07922 836 854

  30. Corey Wilkinson

    I am infested in becoming a HGV driver.

  31. Mark collyer

    To whole it may concern, I’m looking to jump start my career in Lgv and or Hgv driving, I am 19 with no point on my license and have held it since 20/11/2017. Mobile:- 07583323253